Monday, 18 December 2017

The Bell 222 Database Version BETA


This is still a BETA release and as such it still needs more information and Photos.. I have released this to give fans the opportunity to help provide missing Pictures, PDF files and other materials for a much much larger project. And point out mistakes...

Current Main Menu
It is compatible with Windows and will work on Win2000, XP, Vista, Win7, Win 8/8.1 and Windows 10   (it may even work on Windows 9x, i have yet to test that)

It does Not require elevated privileges in windows, It does not require firewall or internet access, It does not require any runtime such as .NET, Flash or Silverlight... and It doesn't need Installing. (you will however need a PDF viewer,  BUT ONLY  for the pdf files)

It currently contains
2,300+ Identified Bell 222 Images
5 Bell 222 Operations Safety Notices (pdf)
16 Bell 222 Technical Bulletin Notices (pdf)
7 Bell 222 Information Letters (pdf)
The complete Bell Ducted Tail Rotor study with specs  (pdf)
other odd PDF's are also located on the docs menu..

Files Menu
It lacks some 222 / tail numbered images, it also lacks a Complete 222 Manual... and the 222 brochure.. send me them.. an email address is in the HELP section...

You can press  S on any screen  and search for any 222 C/N (construction number) between 47000 and 47099 along with tail numbers for any 222
The search also allows you can search for Movie names and Tv series names to find them elusive on screen 222(s)  search for the terms "screen used" / "movie" or "TvSeries"

Screen Used Search
You can also look up tail prefix A.T.C country codes by pressing " i " on any screen

A.T.C Prefix Listings v0.7 screen shot
Explanatory help system detailing features and short cut keys

Help Screen
You can also press  " k " on any screen to bring up the short cut key list & search terms help

Short Cut Keys List and Search Term Help
You can also search for company / operator names or even police to list tail history pages

Police Search
 Any C/N we found a video for on youtube can also be looked up by searching for the word "video"

Video Search
As a bonus feature, you can also search for any 222B / 222UT / 230 (to view tails info / no images due to size) and you can also search for any 430 C/N and Tail (though that only tells you if it is a 430) so it can essentially identify a few hundred bell tail numbers with the internal search engine

You can also Right Click on the EXE and extract it with the likes of WinRAR or other archive software you have installed (to explore the current contents) via the folders rather than only a menu. Could extract and create a short cut so it'll not need auto extracting each time its run!!

Note that i am NOT looking for money, but i must warn you.. i'm self employed and work is tight..
So.. while i still actually have the Internet here.. you have an opportunity to help this project with Pictures and PDF files.. hell i could croak tomorrow regardless.. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, help with image and pdf resources for this project while i am still around to update it  ;)


Feedback is key to evolution.. Lurking is death to projects..
If no ones interested then there is clearly no point.... even a LIKE is a start....
680+ people downloaded v0.6 and i got no feedback from people!

I have scoured the net using varied search engines in varied languages and been helped out with images, so any 222 Images i am missing are probably not (maybe even never) have been online. If they where at one stage.. you could be the only person reading this with the photos i need because a lot of websites have gone over the years. If i am missing a Tail Number then please make sure its for a 222 (not a 222B) and post the tail number in the comments section below.

If you have 222 photo(s) I am missing their is an email address in the help section you can send them too (note hotmail has 10MB limit per email) But again 222, not 222B.   If people don't help then it clearly wont ever show EVERY 222.

Want to help?, search for "unidentified" and help us by providing a tail number, or look up the C/N tail (photo album) in the fan club on facebook and comment on the photo album with the tail number & the name of the company that operated it and any time span you have.. I haven't named all the operators because clearly i don't have them all!