Thursday, 24 August 2017

Airwolf Colouring Book (fan made)

Colouring Book Front

This is an unofficial project and pretty much ongoing. Fans have the ability to turn screen shots into colouring book type graphics using phone apps with the likes of Sketch Mode Filters and their is a photo album on facebook where these pictures are being collected.

If you wish to add any just upload them to the photo album here.

What's that i hear you mumble?, you'd love too but don't really have any good Airwolf pictures on your phone to make some pages for it?

That's simple, check out all the photo Albums here.

Ive seen a few fb members harp on about how easy they are to make & yet not one of them members has uploaded any since the Album began in 2012!

Last but not least, see some examples below along with a custom Back Cover. ALSO NOW More are also available within the FB group album.

Page 001
Page 002
Page 003
Page 004
Page 005
Page 006
Page 007
Page 011
Page 013


Colouring Book Back